How to prepare your dog for boarding?

prepare your dog for boarding

We know that your dog is extremely important to you and that you cannot think of keeping it away except when dropping them to your favourite dog groomer. But there are possible circumstances that can separate you from your beloved pet. It could be vacations, travelling, or unforeseen emergencies, which requires you to leave your pet under someone’s guidance.

Just like human beings, dogs are emotional beings, and they must be emotionally prepared for boarding. As a result, you must have the following preparations for your pet for boarding:

  • Carry familiar items
    Most pets are social beings with great sharp brains. Once they spot their favourite items, they are likely to feel calm and quickly adapt to the new environment. But before bringing the familiar items to the boarding area, check to see if those items are allowed. Some of the familiar items that can make your pet feel at home include their bed, their unique clothing, or their favourite food.
  • Exercise with your pet before you leave
    This is another essential tip that can help to keep your pet happy and feel at ease. You can perform simple exercises such as walking with the pet, jogging with the pet, or taking an evening stroll. This strategy is crucial because it helps the pet feel more relaxed.
  • Vaccinate your pet
    Your pet is likely going to interact with tons of other pets in the boarding area. As a result, it is advisable to vaccinate your pet a week before boarding to prevent contracting contagious diseases. This also prepares your dog for occasions when you take it to dog grooming services in Surrey.
  • Don’t change your dog’s diet
    Even though most boarding areas or local groomers provide food for pets, it is advisable to allow your pet to continue with its usual diet because switching foods might result in a digestive problem. You should bring your food with you into the boarding area to prevent interference with the pet’s diet plan.
  • Update your pet’s IDs
    Your pet might be the victim of a medical emergency. You can make your pet ready for boarding by updating the pet’s ID so that you can be easily contacted. It is advisable to ensure that your pet has a tag with its name and the immediate person of contact. Update your pet’s ID early without waiting for the last minute. This help is even useful for days when you drop it to a grooming shop.
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