What to look for in a dog day-care service in London?

dog daycare service in London

Does your busy schedule leave you no time to spend with your dog? Are you one of those parents who don’t want to leave their pet home alone for an entire day? Worry no more for dog day care services are here for you. They are the right place for your dog. Your pet is special and you wouldn’t trust it with anyone else. Your dog deserves better care. Dog day care also provides grooming services in London. Leaving your dog in a dog day-care will help you work or enjoy your vacation without worrying about the safety of your dog.  When you want to send your dog to a dog day-care there are several things you need to consider. They include

You need to tour the facility
This is very important when it comes to the security of your dog, safety and health.

  • Health; you should ensure that the facility is clean, bright and properly sanitised. Also, the place should be well ventilated to provide fresh air for your dog.
  • Safety; ensure that the facility has proper fencing which is strong and high enough to keep dogs from jumping, proper gating and safe floors that provide better grip such as rubber and epoxy floors.

Additional services
Apart from taking care and feeding of your dog, ensure that the day-care provides other services such as dog grooming services, giving trims, cleaning nose, ears, and eyes, and keeping their nails in shape among others. Check on various sites on the internet to get more insight into dog grooming services in London if the day-care does not provide the service.

A dog day-care with guided activities
It is recommended that dog owners should have the knowledge of what their dogs will be going through the whole day. An activity such as dog training enhances the dog behaviour. They should have a list of activities. You should check on for the best dog grooming services on the internet so that your dog always maintains its status if it happens that the grooming is not in their list of activities for the day.

Check on a day-care that also offers boarding services
If it happens that you have an emergency or you are out for vacation, boarding services are very important. It is very easy for a dog to cop up with an environment that it has been playing in instead of looking for a boarding where your dog is not familiar with.

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