How to choose dog kennel services in Epsom?

dog kennel services in Epsom

There are a couple of options to choose from in your area when it comes to selecting dog kennels. You can get one from the internet but finding one that has been recommended by someone that you trust like a friend, dog-walkers or a veterinarian has more value. From the suggestions you get to create a list where you get to evaluate which one is the best for your dog. You can call the suggested centres- the first impression that you get from the person you get to speak to really matters a lot. If the person is well knowledgeable, friendly and confident then that shows professionalism. You have a wide range of Dog kennels in Epsom to choose from.

What questions should you ask?

Do they offer 24 hours services? For those who are planning for a vacation or travelling to a centre that provides 24 hours services might be the best for them. You get to travel with no worries about the welfare of your dog. Questions like how often do they feed their pets and can one supply their usual food to the centre is very important information. It is essential to know what kind of food your dog will be exposed to and if it happens that your dog does not like the type of food offered, are you allowed to supply their usual food? Do they have insurance cover and what kind it is? Do they offer other services such as dog grooming and cleaning? Do they offer veterinary services and what happens to your dog if it falls sick?

Visit the facilities

In order to make an informed decision, you need to visit the facilities in person. There are some things you need to consider; first, the place should be clean and also bright. This is to ensure your dog is immune to various infections thus staying in good health all the way. The safety of your dog is also an important factor to consider. Is the place well secured in such a way your dog cannot escape? You should also need to know the exercise schedule- how often do they conduct dogs walks and for how long? You should also have the knowledge of the kind of social interaction do they offer.

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