How to Choose the Best Cattery

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Cats are very interesting animals to keep and to watch as they are easy to create a bond with. They are easy to handle and to feed. It is known to be the most loyal animal to human beings. Therefore you should treat your cat the right way health-wise, how you feed and housing it. You should consider purchasing a fully furnished luxury cattery for your cat or you can choose to DIY if you are on a budget. The following are things you should consider when choosing the best cattery for your cat.

Individual units

You should ensure that your cat is kept in a unit where it is alone. You should not allow your cat to share a unit with another cat; this can lead to aggression, fights and later on your cat can be ill. Also, where there are two or more cats disease control may turn out to be had.

Check on the regulations regarding vaccinations.

You should ensure that are regulations set on vaccinations to the catteries and they are enforced. If not your cat might be at great risk of getting affected with various infections which can lead to death.

Cattery London

What happens to your cat if he gets sick?

You should consider a cattery that monitors your cat on a day to day basis to ensure it is in good health. You should sign an authorization form to permit them to take your cat to a vet in case it gets sick.

A unit that is safe

Cats are known to be masters of escaping. You should ensure that the cattery has a safe door. This will ensure your cat is secure at anytime

Enough space

The cattery should be well built with enough space for your cat to run and play. Also, ensure that the cattery has shelves for sunbathing and some equipment to facilitate cat play. Cattery Kingston offers the best services for cats; you should consider it as the first priority.

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